Mar 13


Surf Hero HD test from Socrates Lozano on Vimeo.

Go pro HD is an awesome camera. This was my first time using one, and this camera did not disappoint. The video was shot at Pismo Beach CA, and I was able to mount the camera to my surf board using the Gopro Surf mount. The main thing that I really liked about this camera is that it’s small, has a waterproof housing, features a 170º view, and its very easy to use! Great for getting some really cool wide angles that would’ve been almost impossible before. This was just a first try at it and I’m hoping to be able to use it for many shoots in the future.

Camera and rental info:

Camera: Gopro HD camera with a surf hero mount

Surf Board: rental from Panchos Surf Shop at Pismo Beach


Jan 8

Aputure Timer Remote Test

Fox Theater TimeLapse from Socrates Lozano on Vimeo.

I Really wanted to buy a remote timer, but didn’t want to spend the 150.00 for the Canon version. So with a quick search I came across the Aputure. Its a remote timer out of China, that looks exactly like the Canon, but for only 18.00 bucks! I tested it out with this quick 30 second video and it works great.

Its an awesome tool to have, if you don’t mind waiting a couple weeks for it to arrive. So…if your looking to save a few bucks, or test one out before making the bigger purchase, I would definitely give this product a try!

Purchase Links:

Aputure Timer Remote

Canon Timer Remote

Nov 10

Get a “Real” Camera Phone (LG L-03C)

Disappointed in the quality of your cell phone camera? LG has plans to release a new point and shoot camera phone, with many cool features.
The new L-03c is not your average camera phone; with a 12.1MP Censor, 3x optical zoom, Flash, up to 3200 ISO, HD video recording (720p), 3g,Bluetooth,GPS, and Wi-Fi, its bound to satisfy some consumers!

On the phone side is a 3-inch 800×480 resolution touch screen! Definitely a great start in the right direction. Unfortunately this phone will not be available to US consumers quite yet. The LG L-03C is scheduled for release in Japan, January of of next year. And hopefully, we will start to see these types of cell phones here in the US.

Nov 3

One Small Post Office

It’s the 3rd smallest post office in the country. Measuring in at 10 feet by 12 feet, the Kaweah Post office was built in 1910. Its community is celebrating its 100th year of serving the small town of Kaweah . Due to small amounts of revenue coming in, the US postal service decided that on May 31, 2010, this historic post office will close permanently.

Here are the sights and sounds I was able to capture while visiting. Hope you enjoy!

100 year old Post Office threatened with closure from Socrates Lozano on Vimeo.

I stumbled upon this post office quite by accident. I was working on a story with a reporter about the Census’ most hard to count areas. We ended up in a small town near Three Rivers called Kaweah, which sits just below Kings Canyon National Park . A little outside the town there’s a population sign that reads, “Kaweah 480 Souls.” Kind of what you would expect…. a long windy road, with an occasional house or two, and a nice mountain backdrop. As we drove I noticed this small, old building that we passed sitting just under an old oak tree, and it really caught my attention. On the way back we stopped to find out what the building was.

Turns out, it was a post office that was built in 1910, and a very small one at that… only 10×12 feet! I thought it would be nice to come back in my spare time and shoot a little video with my 5D Mark II.

When I came back a few weeks later, the buzz around town was the post office would close at the end of the month because it wasn’t bringing in enough money. Before I knew this, I had only planned to shoot a little video, and make a montage. However, after spending a little time talking to the owner of the building and post mistress, I thought it would be nice to get them on camera sharing their thoughts and feelings about the news they had been hearing around town.

I really enjoyed doing this small little project and look forward to shooting more stories like it!

By the time the end of May 2010 came around, The US Postal Service decided not to close down the post office after all. A very interesting fact is, the building’s owner has now taken over responsibilities as post mistress! This post office will remain open for business, and continue serving the small town of Kaweah ! So if you ever find yourself in the area, be sure to go visit, take some pictures, and buy some stamps!

Nov 3

Yokohl Valley

Where do I even begin! This place was so awesome to shoot! ENJOY!

Yokohl Valley Ranch from Socrates Lozano on Vimeo.


Spending just few minutes in the area, it is easy to become lost in its natural beauty. Yokohl Valley is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, east of Exeter ca, behind rocky hill, down Yokohl Valley road. My day started with the simple idea of needing something to shoot. I have been to Yokohl Valley before, however I’ve never taken a trip in the springtime. With my wife in the passenger seat, and photo gear in the back, we were off!

Right before we turned onto Yokohl valley road some Cows had caught my eye so I stopped to shoot a little. They were pretty skittish at first but after a short time, they got use to used to us being there. Once we started driving down Yokohl road I became overwhelmed with just how much there was to shoot. 36,000 acres = creativity overload for sure! And we probably only explored 5 to 10 acres of the beautiful hillsides!

It’s an area with an expansive varied terrain; from far reaching valleys, to steep slopes. Full of all kinds of vegetation and wildflowers, this place if a definite MUST VISIT if you live in the area, and worth the trip if you don’t. For out of towners, maybe plan a little detour on the way to or from the Sequoia National Park.

According to some online reports, it looks like there’s talk of converting much of the land to residential housing. Last I read, the Yokohl valley ranch team submitted a plan for the first phase of construction, and were preparing an environmental impact report. Im not sure exactly what has come of the project, but it would be a shame to lose such a scenic location like this to housing development….. The bottom line is, I had a blast shooting this video and would totally recommend a visit while you have a chance!

Want to get involved:
Preserving Yokohl Valley
Save Yokohol Valley
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